Does Capitalism Make Therapy Useless? | Mickey Atkins

There’s a lot to unpack in today’s video and a lot of nuance we need to honor so stay with me y’all. We’re chatting about how capitalism, especially late-stage capitalism, leeches into everything and corrupts everything; what capitalism does to our mental health; the sexist and problematic history of the mental health field, and my perspective as a therapist about what our work is to address all of that.
Mickey Atkins

Why Overpopulation is Actually a Problem | OCC

In this “Our Changing Climate” video essay, we look at why the myth of overpopulation is actually a problem. Specifically, how overpopulation is leading to dangerous conclusions both on the right and the left. On the right, it’s leading to conclusions of population control, murder, and ethnic cleansing. On the left, it manifests as birth control access, but is still couched in the ideas of population control. Overpopulation is ultimately a myth that at best distracts from the needed work of climate action, and at worst leads to violence.
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