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Revolutionising Power Transmission | Just Have a Think

David Borlace, the YouTube researcher and presenter at Just Have a Think, speaks to the growth of HVDC. Moving energy across ever greater distances will overcome much of the intermittency of renewables like wind and solar. The way we will achieve that is via truly mind-boggling High Voltage Direct Current transmission systems. The question is, can we manufacture them quickly enough?

Traditional Communal Homes for 600+ People • Fujian Hakka Tulou

Little Chinese Everywhere
Tulou has been the inspiration of many famous movies, such as Mulan, Big Fish and begonia, Kung Fu Panda, etc. In reality, they are the traditional home of Hakka people, housing up to 800 people! Nowadays, few people live in Tulou because of a lack of modern facilities, but they are still a masterpiece of architecture! Luckily, I have met a very hospitable Hakka lady who showed me the real life inside the Tulou!

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