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Medicaid Rollback Causing Real Chaos | The Majority Report

Kathy Hempstead from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation joins the program to discuss the rollback of Medicaid benefits. Health officials are preparing for potential chaos as states begin to reassess Medicaid eligibility, a process that hasn’t occurred in three years. The expiration of a pandemic policy guaranteeing eligibility raises concerns that vulnerable individuals may lose coverage and fall through the cracks.

While the Biden administration allows states a year to complete the redetermination process, some states, like Arkansas, aim to expedite the process within six months. The impending change could result in millions of people losing Medicaid, and experts predict it will have a significant impact on healthcare, particularly in non-expansion states. There are concerns about administrative barriers and the potential loss of coverage for individuals with incomplete paperwork.

While efforts are being made to minimize disruptions and provide smooth transitions, challenges such as mail delivery issues and lack of awareness among recipients persist. The implications of this coverage shift are expected to be significant, and the Biden administration’s estimate suggests that up to 15 million people may be at risk of losing Medicaid.

Exposing America’s Violence Against Black Women | The Majority Report

Dr. Treva B. Lindsey and The Majority Report’s Emma Vigeland discuss how America, Goddam sheds light on the violence endured by Black women and girls in the United States, examining the intersecting forces of anti-Blackness, misogyny, patriarchy, and capitalism that shape their lives. Through personal narratives, insightful analysis, and a blend of history, theory, and memoir, author Treva B. Lindsey exposes the often overlooked gender dynamics of anti-Black violence and highlights the demands for justice made by Black women and their communities. The book explores the marginalized position of Black women within Black freedom movements, their leadership in advocating for justice, and their historical contributions to organizing and radical politics. America, Goddam is a call to action, urging readers to confront the pervasive violence targeting Black women and girls and strive for a more just future.

Book Bans Are Fascist | Leeja Miller, JD

A recent wave of book bans and curbs to educational free speech, led in part by Florida governor Ron DeSantis is hurting our children and allowing a vocal radical minority of parents and lawmakers control the narrative.

Debunking the Tech Hype Cycle with Dan Olson | Factually!

From the Metaverse to AI, tech giants continue trying to lure us in with false promises of “the next big thing.” This week on Factually!, Adam Conover is joined by Dan Olson, a perceptive YouTube personality known for deconstructing narratives and the modern tech landscape.

Together, they unravel the reasons behind this technological hype cycle and discuss potential pathways to break free from its grip. Find Dan’s channel at Folding Ideas.

Revolutionising Power Transmission | Just Have a Think

David Borlace, the YouTube researcher and presenter at Just Have a Think, speaks to the growth of HVDC. Moving energy across ever greater distances will overcome much of the intermittency of renewables like wind and solar. The way we will achieve that is via truly mind-boggling High Voltage Direct Current transmission systems. The question is, can we manufacture them quickly enough?

Traditional Communal Homes for 600+ People • Fujian Hakka Tulou

Little Chinese Everywhere
Tulou has been the inspiration of many famous movies, such as Mulan, Big Fish and begonia, Kung Fu Panda, etc. In reality, they are the traditional home of Hakka people, housing up to 800 people! Nowadays, few people live in Tulou because of a lack of modern facilities, but they are still a masterpiece of architecture! Luckily, I have met a very hospitable Hakka lady who showed me the real life inside the Tulou!

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