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Poverty In America Is By Design | The Chris Hedges Report

Some 50 million people in the United States live in poverty today—and over 108 million people survive on less than $55,000 a year. Despite having the largest economy on earth, poverty in the US is often grinding and brutal. From millions who live without running water or reliable power, to countless children who experience food insecurity and homelessness.

The data on poverty only becomes exacerbated when race is taken into account. In 2019, the median white household had a net worth of $188,200, compared with $24,100 for the median Black household. Matthew Desmond joins The Chris Hedges Report, to discuss his new book, ‘Poverty, by America,’ which delves into the reality of American poverty not as a condition earned by individuals’ poor choices, but a phenomenon produced by the knowing and unknowing choices of the wealthy.

Matthew Desmond is the Maurice P. During Professor of Sociology at Princeton University. His primary teaching and research interests include urban sociology, poverty, race and ethnicity, organizations and work, social theory, and ethnography.

In 2018, Desmond’s Eviction Lab at Princeton University published the first-ever dataset of more than 80 million American eviction records. The Lab is currently pursuing nearly a dozen lines of inquiry analyzing this groundbreaking dataset that will help scholars, policymakers, and advocates better understand eviction, housing insecurity, and poverty.

Debunking the Tech Hype Cycle with Dan Olson | Factually!

From the Metaverse to AI, tech giants continue trying to lure us in with false promises of “the next big thing.” This week on Factually!, Adam Conover is joined by Dan Olson, a perceptive YouTube personality known for deconstructing narratives and the modern tech landscape.

Together, they unravel the reasons behind this technological hype cycle and discuss potential pathways to break free from its grip. Find Dan’s channel at Folding Ideas.

Is Toyota’s Smart City Crazier Than NEOM? | Joe Scott

Saudi Arabia’s NEOM smart city project has gotten a lot of attention lately, but Japan has a handful of smart cities in development that are every bit as innovative and weird and… maybe problematic? Especially a project called The Woven City by Toyota. Let’s take a look at them.