Aims Of The Ráithold Cooperative Union

  • Comprehend and Ameliorate the deliberately distorted perceptions of history and culture as technology, those who for millennia have manipulated its symbols as instruments of control.
  • Fosters a richer discourse about culture as technology, one that is not limited to categories like autonomy, privacy, rights, corporate misbehavior, and disparate impact, but that also addresses perennial yet pressing concerns about dignity, degradation, the obligations between generations, the nature of the good life, and meaning and purpose.
  • Place objective limits on law and policy based on arbitrary, native cultural beliefs, that to demand others accept as fact, that which one or many chose to believe by faith, is to deny others the freedom of belief that native culture claims for itself.
  • To stand against the tyranny of fascistic beliefs, those who seek to impose a supernatural definition of humankind nature and social values, and theocratic influence on secular law and police to restrict the practice of medicine and biotechnology under the pretence of concern for dignity and life of every person.
  • Constantly test the philosophy and practice of the scientific method — assuring its primary efficacy in understanding humankind in context of its environment, with the humility to pursue truth before comfort, to be less concerned with feeling right, and more with being progressively less wrong.
  • Making civil law, policy and practices secure from domination of any arbitrary native culture and instead politically subservient to an engaged democracy informed by peer-reviewed, replicable, evidentiary science and reason; a proletariat empowered by reformation of lifelong leaning institutions that are stripped of class competition and privilege.
  • To Optimize Human Strengths ― Accommodate Human Limitations, the ongoing research and refinement of an Intentional Common Sense, a lingua franca of reason, valuing and protecting indigenous cultures, healing, mending, augmenting; reducing harm and suffering, the nurture and strengthening of familial and communal bonds, to better adapt to the environment and counter environmentally destructive patterns of human behavior, and work to reveal ever new means for understanding and exploring the universe.