You are invited to participate in the research, equitable evaluation, and strategic planning, prerequisite to incorporation.Vil Zwazo Lanmè, City of Seabirds, is a live-learn-makemixed-use zonedpedestrian-scaletransportation oriented development and the first intentional community of Ráithold Cooperative Union.

The ends a social movement seeks to achieve are shaped by the means it employs, a culture of cooperative capital can be realized, so we are a prefigurative a cooperative union of cooperatives, economic democracy for social democracy, coordinating shared infrastructural services and resources, non-profit missions, and co-operative businesses.

Our incorporation as a Social Purpose Corporation is not a guarantee, but a commitment, of fidelity to the principle of equal justice under law, that never within our society, will the labor of the many be exploited to benefit the few. 

In a typical corporatocracy, basic utilities, communications, computational power, office space, education, training, travel, healthcare, housing, transportation, essential to the means of production part of the cost of doing business.

Within our union, that same critical infrastructure is reinvented, repurposed as a value-oriented program for the radical reduction of constituents’ costs of living and doing business, to ensure equal opportunity for the wellbeing and prosperity as the highest priority.

Think about how we have tax free religion’s paid vacations, but never paid time off to study and make informed choices at the ballot box, barely able to survive, we have no energy or time to manage the affairs of of our family, much less, neighborhood or town.

Not so for those who join the military reserves, they are compensated for the disciplined study and practice of war, some on a weekly basis, yet with no fear of losing their jobs or opportunity for advancement.

We suggest the wiser investment is compensation for the disciplined study and practice of peace, the ensuring of mental health, the time and resources to engage in the management of community, reducing, if not eliminating the stressors leading to all forms of conflict and violence.

To make this distributed executive power, this agency practical requires an Intentional Common Sense, a lingua franca of reason to which the Indigenous Common Sense of each can appeal with confidence.

The science of our tradition, is a modelling and decision-support system based on sociocracy from an ecological perspective, the understanding of people in context.

Our democratized communications and computational technology enables coherent information and decision-making power closest to the point of application, to best serve community relationship and resource management, to optimize human strengths, accommodate human limitations.The first of hopefully many enterprises of Vil Zwazo Lanmè, Síofгa Tech Cooperative for Social & Technological Innovation in Performing Arts, as well as serving the union in the capacity of intercultural liaison, communications, and community relationship management.

Síofгa Tech Cooperative or STC, is already actively working with industry standards organizations in developing a durable product ecosystem that completely departs from the anti-repair, planned obsolescence paradigm. It’s multi-stakeholder cooperative business model features amateur and professional artists who are deeply engaged in participatory action research.