Mental Health for All by Involving All | Vikram Patel

People by the hundreds of millions are deeply affected by poor mental health worldwide. Across the global north and south only a fraction receive appropriate care, with close to 90 percent going untreated from the instability caused by neoliberalism, with the commodification of healthcare pushing the costs of accessing therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists hopelessly beyond reach.

We must re-prioritize mental health and fitness as critical social infrastructure, a necessity for any functioning liberal and engaged democracy. The democratization of medical education and practice, codifying and funding a system of learned, professionally mentored and accountable peer-based healthcare is a realisable goal.

In this 2012 presentation, Prof Vikram Patel outlines a now proven approach ― training community members to coordinate mental health interventions, empowering ordinary people to care for each other.
Transcripts for Mental Health For All By Involving all | Vikram Patel • TEDGlobal 2012