Practical Liberation of Intellectual Property

The laws governing copyrights and patents now are the product of generations of Oligarchs and their corporate proxies legally bribing lawmakers.

It is now virtually impossible for any individual of common means to own and defend property without becoming part of an absolutely corrupt system.

One of several reasons it’s so important to create a functioning cooperative model of intellectual property management that is just and equitable.

You cannot claim to own the means of production in this world without liberating intellectually property.

I have a catalogue of over 165 patentable integral product/service systems that I intend to see developed and eventually held as common property of the union for future research and product development exclusively by constituent members of the union.

The revenue from this system dedicated exclusively to funding, in perpetuity, the ongoing research, development, and operation of critical social infrastructure like free universal healthcare as one example.

Muirén Ní Sídach