It is an indisputable fact that generations of Black, Indigenous, and other Communities of Color around the world have succeeded in liberating themselves through cooperative labor. Instead of hero worship, rallying around cults of personality, and competing for status, we are free to choose at different path, the power is within our hands to organize as co-operators who own the means of production, economic democracy for social democracy.

Hello all, my name is Muirén (muiréan) and I’m self-funding a concept of community rooted in cultural and economic solidarity, an intentional, cooperative common sense. The ends a social movement seeks to achieve are shaped by the means it employs, so we are a cooperatively organized, sociocratically managed community of creatives supported by its own efforts.

M3iT Co-operative for Social and Technological Innovation in Performing Arts, a self-supporting, intentional community for creatives engaged in participatory action research, manufacture, integration, and distribution of hardware, software, culture as a technology. It is the first enterprise of many to reside at the proposed Vil Zwazo Lanmè, the City of Seabirds, dreams made manifest through a diverse multi-stakeholder cooperative union.

While open to all, it is a practical vision deliberately centred on the equality and equity of violently disenfranchised BIPOC Transgender, Gender Non-Conforming, Agender/Non-Binary, and the Disabled struggling to thrive beyond systemic oppression promoted by law and custom.
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