“You never change something by fighting the existing reality.
  To change something, build a new model that makes
  the existing model obsolete.”

  ― R. Buckminster Fuller

Hello all, I’m Muirén (muir + éan) and I’m self-funding participatory action research, equitable evaluation, and strategic planning, pursuant to incorporation of a cooperative community, one defined by cultural and economic solidarity, with decision support and community relationship management based on a vision of modelling, analytics, and sociocratic decision support within an interdisciplinary, ecological paradigm.

You are invited to study this summary concept of cultural and economic solidarity, and hopeful join in the research, equitable evaluation, and strategic planning, prerequisite to incorporation.

If you are a US citizen, much of this may sound like fringe culture, however, it is a proposition founded on evidentiary science, with successful, long-term precedents around the world.

To be clear, there are perhaps a thousand various sustainable cooperatives (not counting credit unions) across the US, while tens of thousands are operating successfully around the world, with the 300 largest reporting turnover of $2.14 trillion USD in 2020.

Thank you for now, and please make use of the underlined links for a deeper dive into terms that may seem unfamiliar. Without further ado, THE ABOUT.