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Neoliberal Capitalism redraws the boundaries of secular and religious life, appropriating the aura of the sacred, concealing its nature behind an authoritative, rational façade.

Hello all, I’m Muirén (muir + éan) and I’m self-funding a concept of community rooted in cultural and economic solidarity, an intentional, cooperative common sense.

The ends a social movement seeks to achieve are shaped by the means it employs, so we are cooperatively organized, sociocratically managed.

Submitted for your approval, an alternative to the quasi-religious belief in neoliberalism, commodifying everything and everyone in the world.

Síofгa Tech Cooperative for Social & Technological Innovation in Performing Arts, the first enterprise of Vil Zwazo Lanmè, the City of Seabirds, and first intentional community of Ráithold Cooperative Union.

While open to all, we are deliberately centred on the equality and equity of the violently disenfranchised BIPOC Transgender, Gender Non-Conforming, Agender/Non-Binary, and the Disabled struggling to thrive beyond systemic oppression promoted by law and custom.
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Traditional Communal Homes for 600+ People • Fujian Hakka Tulou

Little Chinese Everywhere
Tulou has been the inspiration of many famous movies, such as Mulan, Big Fish and begonia, Kung Fu Panda, etc. In reality, they are the traditional home of Hakka people, housing up to 800 people! Nowadays, few people live in Tulou because of a lack of modern facilities, but they are still a masterpiece of architecture! Luckily, I have met a very hospitable Hakka lady who showed me the real life inside the Tulou!

How to turn your Neighborhood into a Village | Communitecture

Permaculture instructor Andrew Millison journeys to Portland, Oregon to speak with architect Mark Lakeman, founder of Communitecture Architecture and the City Repair Project. Mark initiated a movement in Portland to transform the homogenous neighborhoods of the city into places that have many of the qualities and characteristics that are found in some of the most treasured villages on Earth. Mark reveals the things you need to know to transform your own neighborhood into a village.

Mark Lakeman @ Communitecture Architecture

The City Repair Project

Special thanks to Maitreya Ecovillage, Eugene, Oregon for letting us film their sweet spot.

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